It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it

I don’t want to lose word count on “these unprecedented times” but still, recent data and trends show that the current crisis has vaulted consumer and business digital adoption forward at least 5–10 years in a matter of a couple of months (McKinsey & Co. 2020, Global surveys of consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis). Coronavirus proved to be the great digital accelerator and it’s the time for all companies out there to amp up digital and deliver.

Providing value & the role of customer data in the Product Age

In the Brand Age, success was a function of the brand’s ability to communicate ideas and develop relationships. Today, after the digital…

Personalization of digital products is becoming the norm, yet we have all had those eye-rolling moments when a brand that should know us completely misses the mark — for example your favorite online shopping platform showing products that would never ever be in your consideration span or even worse, offering us products that we just bought. Oh yeah Amazon, I’d love to buy a second coffee machine the week after I bought a new one. The outcome of such situations is a frustrated customer. …

A behind the scenes report (2016)

Desigual brought Snapchat filters live as make-up.

Fashion weeks used to be all about setting new fashion trends, celebrities’ outfits, an exclusive and invitation-only atmosphere… however, as the first shows in New York began, everybody seemed to be equally interested in the digital trends that are accompanying this season’s shows. Many brands started to break the rules of the fashion business bit by bit by lifting their curtains for true outside-the-box-thinking. All this is due to the fashion industry undergoing major structural changes in general, from how they deliver new collections, promote them and connect with their consumers, the entire value…

Exclusivity, sophistication, timelessness: these words are the cornerstones of luxury brands. But how can a brand maintain this in the fast-paced digital era? According to McKinsey, nearly half of luxury goods buying decisions are already influenced by what consumers see or hear online. Aware brands are therefore starting to adapt their digital strategies to the new landscape and also tapping into expanding markets.

At KAMANO we are aware, that the digital era shaped a new generation of consumers. Therefore, while having created a social media strategy for Carolina Herrera, we thoroughly analyzed their target group and adapted the existing strategy…

Large digital wall at Rebecca Minkoff store in NYC

Digital era with millennials’ buying power peaking is challenging for retailers that have faced tremendous changes in the past several years. With the rise of the Internet, many saw an opportunity to drive sales through one extra channel — eCommerce. A visit to the bricks and mortar store has so become just one of many moments in the journey that customers take while discovering the brand and shopping for products. Therefore, it is important that they have a unique role in the ecosystem of touch points.

Millennials, one of the largest generations in history and the biggest buying power, are now moving into their prime spending years, and one of the biggest challenges brands are facing is how to reach, convince and convert them. They grew in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of priorities and expectations markedly different from previous generations. Their unique experience has changed the ways we buy and forced companies to re-evaluate how they can reach and convert their target audience.

Working as a digital strategist, I spend a lot of time researching digital marketing trends and ways for…

Lucka Lucy Nemes

Customer experience & data strategy expert

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